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Get your dream smile from Chennai’s Leading Award Winning Smile Designing Expert

It's Easy.

Smile designing is a procedure done with high accuracy in making your face look more younger and healthier by giving an aesthetic smile while improving comfort and functionality during chewing and speech.


Catchy Features & options available

Permanent Solution

Smile designing is a long lasting solution with complete change in terms of size, shape, colour, alignment and form of your teeth with zero percent chances of relapse.

4. Painless and comfortable

Absolutely painless treatment procedures done at the comfort of your time and health.

Age is not a factor

Anyone above the age of 18 can get a celebrity smile makeover with smile designing in just few days.

New smile in few days

Smile designing can be completed within a week. (Treatment duration may vary based on the extent of correction required)

Natural & Unidentifiable

Our finished results are as real and strong as natural teeth to withstand chewing force and appear dazzling.

Easy Payment Plans

Really simple payment plans making it super affordable

A five-step journey to your celebrity like smile

It takes just 5 days!




Commencement of Treatments


Get your results on screen


Unlimited Services


Approval Of Treatment Plan

Payment Plans

Super easy and affordable payment options available.

Digital Smile Designing BRONZE

EMI Starts at INR 3707 Down Payment of INR 22240

Digital Smile Designing 


EMI starts at INR 11120 Down payment of INR 66720

Digital Smile Design


EMI starts at INR 5560 Down Payment of INR 33360

Digital Smile Designing 


EMI starts at INR 9645 Down payment of INR 57867

7 Advantages

Insane advantages to offer.


Digital Smile Designing qualified Specialists


Best Quality Zirconia Crowns


Fair Pricing


Convenient Appointment Timings


Transparent planning and payment options


Flexible EMI Schemes


Unmatchable aesthetics

  • Who is eligible for smile designing?
    - If you have discoloured, chipped or cracked teeth - If you have few missing teeth - Seeking improvement of your smile
  • What does smile designing do ?
    Whiten and brighten teeth, align teeth, achieve better gum to teeth ratio, strengthen teeth and dental function, dramatically boosts your confidence
  • How long does smile designing take?
    Length of smile designing procedure will range based chosen treatment plan between one week and one month
  • When will I see results of my smile makeover?
    You will see the improvements in your smile immediately after your smile makeover. In order to see the healthiest, longest - lasting results from Smile Designing, regular at-home dental hygiene habits are a MUST.
  • How much does Smile Designing cost?
    Smile Designing treatments are customised to address the unique needs of every patient. Cost of Smile Designing will depends on the procedures you decide to incorporate into your treatment. Once the treatment is discussed, you will receive your personalised treatment cost.
  • Is Smile Designing covered by Insurance?
    Most insurance will not cover smile design procedures that address Cosmetic concerns. Some insurance providers may cover the aspects of Smile Designing that improve the function of the teeth. You can contact your insurance provider to learn more.
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